Hi, I'm Camila.

I'm a designer, UX researcher and developer.


Torre — UX Research, Design

Freelance Projects — Design, Development, UX Research

The M Company — Design, Development, UX Research

Nihil Store — Design


I am a designer and UX researcher. Over the past 4 and a half years, I've been focusing on creating simple-to-use design solutions for complex problems, for clients ranging from individuals to ~unicorn~ start-ups. These design solutions are usually achieved with a combination of three skills — I research a problem and what users have to say about it, design a solution and its copy, develop it or instruct how to in my report, and ship it.

Besides freelancing, I am the founder of The M Company, my side project which aims to create products to optimize existing technology, and has created products such as the popular FontDatabase and PH-nominated Vanish.

You can find my CV/resume here. I write about tech here.


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