The M Company

Design, Development, UX Research

I founded The M Company in March 2018. It is a bootstrapped tech startup focused on simplifying and optimizing existing technology to get the most productivity and efficiency out of them.

At The M Company, I am responsible for product design, research, and development. I also take care of its corporate identity and social media presence. Its products have been featured on international media, and nominated for a PH award.


UI/UX, Product, and Web Design projects done for the company.

FontDatabase is a web application designed and developed to help designers find alternative fonts. Using an algorithm, it can help users find fonts more (or less) serious, detailed, formal, etc. compared to the one they input.

FontDatabase was featured in Product Hunt and international media outlets such as, wwwhatsnew, and TekCrispy.


SoleMedia is a platform under development which aims to aggregate the content of the most used social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Reddit), and create channels on each person's account for people to follow, to make people able to consume specific content they truly want to see off each individual. One can also post to multiple platforms by making a single post, streamlining (buzzword!) the process.

I started designing and developing SoleMedia based on people's aim of making the most out of their time using social media. The only apps that are remotely similar are focused on content management, rather than timeline aggregation.

Here are some (very rough, early) wireframes, which always mark the beginning of my design process, after researching (find out more!)


Vault is a multiplaform software solution in development which aims to reimagine the clipboard, as well as clipboard managers. Find all the information you need to access quickly, neatly organized and ready to open, copy, or share.


Vanish is a website that guides you through the process of deleting your online information, as well as how to back it up beforehand. Vanish was nominated and a finalist for a PH Award in January 2019.

Evoking the typical striking, overwhelming, messy look of sites of the late 90s/early 2000s, it reminds the visitors why exactly they are leaving social media: information overload.*

*Design-talk translation: It's ugly on purpose.

M Tool Launcher

I designed The M Tool Launcher starting off my own research regarding superapps, and why they never take off. People want to have a choice when it comes to each of their phone's features (messaging, social media, storage options, etc.), therefore a single app that does everything will never perfectly suit more than one individual.

To solve this, The M Tool Launcher provides the benefits of acting like a superapp: reduces the time spent switching between apps, gives the experience of seamlessness navigation, all without sacrificing user choices.

The M Tool Launcher is currently under development.


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