Freelance Projects

Design, Development, UX Research

As a freelancer, I work with people to help them take their ideas from thoughts to real, efficient, working products. For this to be possible, I wear many hats during the creative process, including designing, programming, conducting UX research, and creating brand strategies.

Here are a few examples of real-life work.


UX Research

When needed, I conduct primary and secondary UX research and create wireframes for clients who have either just an idea or an MVP. This comes with one or more consultations, where I help them further understand what works for their products, who it works for, and why. This usually precedes the design phase, where designs are fleshed out and an MVP starts to take form. Below is a real-life example of wireframes done after presenting a UX Research report regarding messaging apps:


Whenever I am tasked with turning an idea into a design and/or prototype, the first thing I do (if I have not been tasked with UX Research beforehand) is find all the information I can about the industry, demographics, and specific topic surrounding the product. After this I usually have a few ideas in mind, with which I proceed to draw some (very) rough wireframes on paper and see where I can take it, writing notes in the process. Once I have this I can move to the high-fidelity wireframes and mockups.

Once I iterate with my clients and their teams, and if they desire so, I move onto making an interactive prototype for them to experience their idea finally coming to life.


Archival is a web application which creates a summarized PDF of whatever you may need. It can be used to create archives of your social media, articles, sites, etc. Archival is currently under developemnt.


I developed several of the products you have seen so far (and specified which all throughout this website for clarity). The development process starts after I have a very clear idea of what the product will be. My focus developing is the same as designing⁠— to make websites and applications as simple and useful as they can be. This is why I avoid overly-complicated, trendy stacks unless the application truly needs them.

Other Projects

whereskeyser (Blog)

whereskeyser is the blog in which I write about tech, fintechs, minimalism, and more. This blog has allowed me to reach an international audience, specifically in the tech world. Thanks to it I was able to talk directly to people working in the most innovative tech products, and obtain great clients that followed my writing and work for a while.


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