UX Research, Design

During my time as a freelance UX Researcher at Torre, I was responsible for conducting usability, value, and exploratory testing on the platform, which focuses on web products for job seekers and recruiters.
Based on the data obtained, I wrote UX reports with detailed suggestions that included how to solve UX problems not only from a product designer's and researcher's perspective, but also adding technical suggestions for the developers on the team, merging my years of experience in development with my research and design sides.

I also created wireframes and mockups of possible design solutions for problems or issues I found during my reporting, helping the Product Designer adopt them into the main live product,'s landing page

My experience gives me the ability to report extremely in-depth regarding usability issues that users may or do already encounter, not only letting the team know in a clear and concise way but also suggesting real, applicable solutions to improve the user experience.


You can verify my work at Torre's own website here.


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